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Playing a game of checkers is a great way to spend your free time, learn something new, and give yourself a break throughout the day. While carrying around a checkerboard can be a big hassle, we thankfully live in the modern age of smartphones. You can take a whole checkers set in the palm of your hand wherever you go.

However, there are so many different checkers apps it can be frustrating to try and sort through each app to find the one that works best for you. If sorting through thousands of apps one by one doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then keep reading below for three tips on how to quickly find the checkers app that works best for you.

Look for Games from Top Developers

Due to the popularity of the game checkers, there are countless different checkers apps. While some of these apps are produced with the user in mind, many are thrown together in the free time of a new developer trying to practice his craft.

To avoid many of the more simple and glitchy checker’s apps, look for apps that have been published by big-name developers. While checkers may seem like an extremely simple game, creating an effective and realistic AI player is extremely hard work.

By downloading an app from a well-known checkers brand, you can be confident you will be playing against a challenging and realistic computer opponent who will help you improve your game and strategy. If you prefer to play against other human players as opposed to AI, downloading a popular app will help you find online checkers matches quickly.

Take Strategy lessons

Whether you are just starting to play checkers or are an experienced veteran, you can always learn something more, and the checker’s app you download should help you do just that. Look for a checkers app that offers instruction courses along with AI and Multiplayer games.

The lessons don’t need to be complex or super long, just a few five minute videos that explain different movement and positioning strategies will improve your game massively.

As you start to advance more and more look for an app that is tailored to more experienced players. These more advanced apps should offer strategy guides and a way to review your past games. By referencing strategy and carefully reviewing your past games, you will quickly be able to identify your common mistakes and correct them.

After deliberately practicing the game of checkers for a few months, you will be surprised by the drastic improvement in your ability to play the game of checkers.

Best Checkers Apps

While researching this article, I found this very comprehensive list of checkers apps. This list offers a great selection of checkers apps. Whether you are looking to play your first game of checkers or are a checkers pro, this list of apps is a great place to start your search.

Compete with Friends

Once you have started to develop your game and are feeling confident, look for an app that lets you challenge your friends to games. There is nothing that will help you improve your checker’s strategy like a little healthy competition with friends. Many checkers apps allow you to sink your contacts up, easily allowing you to challenge your friends to a game. Another wonderful thing about being able to play checkers online is the ability to play your friends from everywhere. It doesn’t matter if your friend is down the street or across the planet, you can easily play a game as if they were sitting right next to you.


Keeping these three tips in mind, you are ready to start your search for the best checkers app. IF you don’t find an app you like right away, don’t give up. In no time you’ll be playing the best checkers game of your life.

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