World War Z Latest Hotfix Patch Update Bring Fixes to Performance Drop, Horde Mode and More

World War Z

Today, Saber Interactive released a new hotfix patch update for its online shooter and horror survival game World War Z. According to the latest hotfix patch, it brings fixes for several issues on all platforms. The latest World War Z hotfix patch update includes fixes for some stability issues, Horde Mode issues and fixes for some general game issues.

Players should now get improved performance in the game as it fixes the issue which was causing significant performance drop. It also fixes an issue related to zombie desync that would accumulate between waves in Horde Mode.


The latest patch also brings a number other fixes to Horde Mode as well as general bug fixes which you can find below.

Horde Mode

  • Fixed and issue that would prevent zombies from spawning at Wave 20+
  • Reduced maximum number of Auto Turret refills from 3 to 2
  • Increased Auto Turret cost from 50 to 70
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Heavy Weapons to spawn in a wrong place when purchased
  • All rewards (including yellow and blue currency) are now growing up to Wave 40 instead of Wave 20
  • Reduced XP rewards growth by 20% to compensate overall rewards increase

General fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would allow to launch Horde Mode with mutators, resulting in unexpected crashes during gameplay
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent weapons from leveling up if they got a few XP left
  • Fixed an issue with certain mutators not reducing game rewards as originally intended in Private Lobby

World War Z is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Rizwan Ahmad
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