4 Ways Phones Are Changing Scientific Research in Space


Phones are changing the way that people communicate and discoveries are documented. Scientific research is another evolving area in which phones are proving to be useful devices. Here are some of the ways that phones are working to change the research that can be conducted while in space.

Improved Connectivity

The ability of phones is increasing the amount of connectivity that you can experience. You have the option of talking and texting or even engaging in live video chatting. All of these things have improved the ways that people can communicate with those around them, or those as far away as outer space.


These same phones have the capability of functioning in space so that astronauts can still feel connected to those that are on the ground in order to better engage in their research efforts. As phone connectivity improves, we will be able to experience more real-time communication from astronauts.

Application Management

The number of apps that are available on phones has improved your ability to get a lot of things done while only having to carry around one device. For example, your phone can function as a calculator or even tell you the best route to take to get to work.

There are loads of specialized apps that are being used in research efforts that are helping astronauts get a better feel for what’s going on around them. Because multiple apps can be on the same phone, this lowers the amount of other equipment needed to be carried into space.

Data Tracking

Data tracking and storage management are other ways that phones are changing the way science is conducted. Larger amounts of data can be analyzed, stored, and sent from your phone.

This is beneficial to astronauts as well because they don’t have to keep track of as much while still being able to provide the necessary reports. Things like cell phone repair are also easier to manage from space because of the availability and interchangeability of many of the parts so that valuable research isn’t lost.

Picture Analysis Options

Cameras are getting better on phones. In some instances, a good cell phone can take better pictures than other types of cameras. This evolution has allowed you to take high-quality photos that can be used for other advanced analytical purposes.

In space, this can prove to be invaluable in aiding ongoing efforts of exploring the solar system. An astronaut can take a picture of a phenomenon and send it back for real-time analysis.

Smartphones are enabling scientists to be better observers of the world around them. Consider these ways that your phone is working to improve research that can be conducted in space and other places around the globe.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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