Nioh 2 Store Experience Events in Japan Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Concerns

Nioh 2

PlayStation 4 exclusive and upcoming Nioh 2 is set to be released on March 13, 2020. However, before its official release, Nioh 2 was set for an in-store experience session in Japan on February 29. The in-store experience session was aimed at giving players access to the game so they can play Nioh 2 before its official release.

But, now it seems that players won’t be able to play the game at the event prior to its release. The Dev Team Ninja today announced that due to the coronavirus concerns, Nioh 2 store experience events in Japan have been cancelled.


During the Nioh 2 store experience events, players were supposed to play the “Anekawa” stage in the game. But, now it won’t be possible because the event has been cancelled.

Here is what the official website says, ”[2/20 update] 3/7 (Sat.) The store experience session at “Joshin Denki Disc Pier Nihonbashi Store” has been canceled.

There is no word, whether the Nioh 2 store experience events will take take place again or not before the official release of the game. Nioh 2 will be released on March 13, 2020, exclusively on PS4.

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Rizwan Ahmad

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