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The wireless market gets increasingly more competitive every year. This is due in part to the technological advancements of epic proportions we’ve been seeing as of late. 

However, one phone model still ranks supreme in 2020 – the Apple iPhone. Part innovation and part expert lifestyle marketing had led to the iPhone being the smartphone of choice for millions of smartphone users worldwide.

For many though, whether it be for economic or personal reasons, the iPhone 8 is still unmatched in popularity. In fact, it’s the third most popular iPhone used worldwide (after the 7 and 6S). Part of its popularity is no doubt due to the low price point Apple still sells it for. However, for older generations of iPhone, you may be wondering how to unlock iPhone 8, and if it’s even possible.

The good news is that older generations of phones can be unlocked safely and securely. However, the process may still be more complicated than you like. Keep scrolling to learn why phones are locked and how to unlock iPhone 8 in 2020. 

The History of Locking and Unlocking Phones

When consumers buy a locked phone from a carrier, the contract of purchasing and providing the phone with service can make some consumers feel imprisoned by them. 

Unfortunately, this feeling is quite just. As service providers can (and will) alter prices and services without warning and much to a customers dismay. In a world run by capital, this is often in the form of more money for less of the options you want.

It used to be the case that consumers had no choice but to be trapped by their carrier with no way out. This was in part because the various carriers didn’t want to lose money on their product and rates. When you buy a SIM-locked phone it prevents you from going with another provider who may have a better deal on either the iPhone 8 or the services they provide for it. They may also prohibit you buying the phone outright. Meaning that you can pay for the phone over time in small increments, but you are tethered to the rules of the carrier. 

Thankfully, technology moves fast. Soon after the iPhone 8 was introduced more brands started getting into the smartphone market. Soon many variants of smartphones from other major tech companies were available on the market. So much so that some carriers couldn’t keep up. With the plethora of available choices on the market, carriers had no choice but to be more lenient with their contracts. 

Now websites like CellUnlocker.net are changing up the game even more by soaring over carrier’s barriers. Giving ample and sound support to those still wondering how to unlock iPhone 8.

iPhones and How to Unlock Them

The invention of Apple’s iPhone was an incredible achievement in the tech community. Apple has constantly been a trend-setter in the industry even in their early iterations. The iPhone, however, has definitely become its flagship product.

Being one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world, you can imagine how many people conduct an online search to purchase them every day. The number of users searching how to unlock iPhone 8 is even greater once they purchase one. Below are a few essential unlocking methods:

Unlock Your iPhone 8 with Cell Unlocker

There are a lot of search results that make phone unlocking promises. The more legitimate ones will offer incentives like a money-back guarantee. CellUnlocker.net has been rated the #1 cell unlocking website for over a decade.

They serve customers internationally with 24/7 support, competitive prices, and certified technicians. So certified that the technicians they employ have over 15 years of experience. They’ve also successfully unlocked over 820,000 smartphones. So if you’re still asking if they know how to unlock iPhone 8, wonder no more.

Unlock Your iPhone 8 with Your Network Carrier 

As stated earlier, carriers are still a little uneasy about providing the keys you need to unlock your iPhone 8. However, with more competition in the market (and more hackers finding their way into networks), it doesn’t make sense for them to withhold this information anymore. Service providers will often provide you with a code to unlock iPhone 8. Keep in mind though this can take anywhere between a couple of days to even a month.

One way some users are getting by this is by contacting the carrier they want to migrate to for a SIM card in order to get their phone unlocked. When you receive your new SIM card simply put it into your device and you’ll be prompted to enter a code. If you are, then simply contact the carrier and enter the code they provide. 

Unlock Your iPhone with Third Party Sites

Our favourite method of how to unlock the iPhone 8, however, is to use a third-party website. These put you back a few bucks but they are safe and secure and often immediate. However, keep in mind that there will be some unlock scammers out there just waiting for your credit card info. Finding a trustworthy site is simple, and a few of our favs are listed below:

Best Third Party’s to Contact to Unlock iPhone 8 

Many carriers today will offer phone unlocking services. However as mentioned earlier, the process will not be easy or convenient. Phones are sold locked so service providers don’t lose out on your business. 

This process is made more difficult when trying to unlock phones internationally. When travelling overseas, it is far more convenient to pay-as-you-go and uses that country’s cell providers. If your iPhone 8 is locked though, your phone won’t work in that country.

To combat this you can either get a special overseas plan with your carrier in your country or acquire exponential roaming charges. Our fav method for how to unlock your iPhone 8 is placed in the 1 position – here are our top picks:

1- CellUnlocker

CellUnlocker offers customers 24/7 customer support via live chat or phone. Plus all their employees include certified tech specialists and smartphone professionals. Beyond being fast they also offer money-back guarantees. They’ve also helped thousands of happy customers – and you can read those reviews right on their site.

2- Keys2iPhone

This website also has good reviews from its customer base. It offers unlocking capabilities for tons of different service providers and phone models. They can unlock iPhone 8 and its many iterations and family members.

3- Doctor SIM

This site has detailed tutorials to unlock iPhone 8, plus the older and newer Apple models. They offer 24/7 support via AI, chat, and email. A money-back guarantee is also offered with simple steps to unlock your phone.

4- UnlockBase

This site may be on the pricier side, but they do offer a money-back guarantee in case anything happens to go wrong. They are also critically acclaimed and will even offer whole options for resellers. Since 2004 they’ve been offering professional around the clock service.

5- ChronicUnlocks

A veteran in the industry, the website has been offering their services for a long time and has garnered a lot of trusts. Their prices are fair and their communication is excellent. However, some have said their timeframe for delivery has been long over the past few years.

6- DoctorUnlock

Doctor Unlock’s premium package might set you back a little but it’s worth it for consistent high-quality service. Their reviews are great and boast unlocking over 200,000 phones. If you’re in a hurry however they may not be for you, as you’ll have to wait 3 business days to be totally unlocked.

7- My IMEI Unlock

This website supports multiple carriers and allows for your phone to be unlocked without interference on your phone’s behaviour in real-time.

8- CanadaUnlocking

This site is used by many, not just Canadians. It’s been around for some time and has gained a terrific reputation. 

To Wrap Things Up

To Unlock iPhone 8 in 2020 really isn’t that complicated. Remember to pay close attention to customer reviews and sites that won’t promise your money back. Go with your gut instinct if you think someone is trying to scam you. There is a lot of useful information out there. Acquiring the keys to unlock success can be done with just the push of a button.

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