Long term Travel

Traveling for a long time should be wildly exciting. You may be going on a cruise or a tour around Europe or the world, and now you need to figure out what to do with your belongings. Keeping your property in great shape while you are gone is essential, as there will still be life after the trip. Below are a few ways in which you can keep your items safe while you travel.


The first step is to figure out what to keep away for later and what to get rid of. Getting rid of essentially means donating, recycling, selling on eBay, or trashing.

Almost 15% of the stuff in your house consists of items you barely use, have outgrown, or forgot they exist. By decluttering before you leave on your voyage, you can be sure that you will return to a spacious, peaceful house. What’s more, you will find some extra space for the belongings that truly matter.

Have a yard sale

Most people love buying stuff from yard sales, and you can take advantage of this interesting preference by selling the items you no longer need to your neighbors. If you have a stash of toys, a new mom down the street will be more than glad to get it off your hands at a friendly price.

Some buyers will also prefer ancient looking pieces with a story to them, so you can offer those up as well. Selling these items will give you more cash for souvenirs and shopping as you travel, or even for life after the trip.

Have a friend or relative store some of your stuff for you

If you have someone in your circles that you trust, you can request them to keep some of your belongings for you. This is a great option, especially since storage and care are freely offered.

The only catch may come if you need to extend your trip or access something on the day of the trip. Someone doing you such a huge favor will not want to be inconvenienced any further. What’s more, you will not be assured of security and the condition of your property, which may make for a stressful trip.

Use a self-storage unit

What better way to take care of your belongings while you enjoy your travels than to rent a storage unit? They are cost-effective and do not come with any unnecessary expectations in case you would like to cut the trip short or extend it.

What’s more, as you travel, you can rest assured that your items are safe, as most self-storage facilities offer the most reliable 24/7 security enabled by guards, CCTV, alarms, and locks.

You can also select a climate-controlled storage unit for any highly-delicate items, such as art, china documents, and other heirlooms. With a storage unit, you will be able to rent out your house on AirBnB or to a friend, knowing that they will not have to interfere with your most valuable property or get distracted by it.

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