Nioh 2 first DLC

Today, Nioh 2 marked 1 million units sale worldwide, and to celebrate this the game also received the latest Nioh 2 update 1.09 patch notes which brought, a new mission, new photo mode, bug fixes and adjustments to the gam. Alongside, Team Ninja, the dev behind the Nioh 2 also announced that it will release a total of 3 sizable & badass DLC packs over the next several months to provide players additional challenges.

As part of this, the dev announced that the first DLC called the “The Tengu’s Disciple” will release on July 30. Notably, the upcoming DLCs will bring new storylines, new yokai, ferocious new bosses, Guardian Spirits, new skills, fresh armor and more. On top of all, there will also be a new difficulty level and end-game content added to the video game.

Today, Team Ninja announced that Nioh 2 crossed 1 million units sale records worldwide and released update 1.09 patch notes.

The latest Nioh 2 1.09 update adds nine new missions and new photo mode. The photo mode will allow you to change the angle and brightness of the camera, set special filters and frames, and shoot the scene in the video game with the SHARE button. You can find the “Photo mode” added to the status menu.

The Nioh 2 latest update 1.09 patch notes also add new guardian spirit “Kage”, QoL improvements, and lots of balance adjustments and bug fixes to the game.