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Did you know that you can download favorite video games from PlayStation Now to your PS4 or PS4 Pro system? If not then let me explain if you are a PlayStation Now subscriber then you can not only stream games from PlayStation Now on your PS4, but can also download select PS Now games to your PS4 or PS4 Pro system so you can play your favorite PS Now game even when you are offline. So, now let’s see how you can download games from PlayStation Now to your PS4 or PS4 Pro system.

Before heading over, I would like you to have look at the below notable points.

  • Downloading of games from PlayStation Now is not available on the PlayStation 3 system
  • This feature is not available on Windows or macOS computers
  • Only select PS4 games are available for download on PS Now
  • You can download as many games as you like, depending on the space available in your PS4 system storage and play later offline.
  • To download games from PS Now you will need to have an active PS Now subscription, you also need to login to your PSN account once every 7 days to maintain access to the game.
  • Once your PS Now subscription lapses, or you haven’t connected to PSN for a longer period, you will not be able to access games downloaded from PS Now.
  • You are required to connect to your account on PlayStation Network to validate your PS Now subscription at least once every 7 days to maintain access to the game.
  • You will need to manually transfer all of your saved game data between games installed on your local PS4 system and streaming games launched on PS Now.
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Steps to Download PS Now Games to Your PS4

  • From your PS4, open PS Now app.
  • Go to Browse Games to find the game you want to download.
  • Navigate to the Game preview section.
  • Now in the Game preview section if you see that the game download is available with the size of the game its means that you can download that game.

You can also download the game by heading to the Browse tab and selecting the downloadable game from there and then click download game. Now, your game will be downloaded to your PS4 or PS4 Pro system memory.

How to Access Your Downloaded Games from the PS Now App

  • Open PS Now app
  • Go to Browse Games
  • Select the game and click Start Game
  • Start playing

Also, if you are downloading a PS Now game that you have already played streaming then you can also transfer all that game’s saved data from PS Now to your PS4 system.

Here is How to Access Your Downloaded PS Now Games from the PS4 Library

You can access or start paying your downloaded PS Now game from the PS4 library by heading to Library >> Select Games >> Select the game >> Start playing.

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