The Importance of Recycling to Waste Management

Recycling Waste

Waste management is a crucial issue in saving the environment from pollution. To make the environment clean and green, waste management has to be implemented in all countries, cities, and towns. Recycling helps reduce waste by creating new products out of the used products that you dispose of. At Clearabee our core value and mission is helping you make your environment clean. In this article, we will discuss the importance of recycling in an in-depth way.

Impacts on waste volume


The rate of rubbish clearance has been increasing in the last few years. Population growth is one of the reasons but still contributes too little. An increase I affluence leads to an increase in consumption as a result of waste material increases. The increase in waste materials is caused by increased no biodegradable packaging material and lifestyle changes leading to increased consumption hence high waste levels.

This problem is worsened by the increased consumption of technology that is made to stay for short periods and replaced by new technology. This contributes to e-waste production which reached a world record of around 49 million tons in 2018.

Prevents dangerous materials from being buried in landfills

Landfills contain dangerous materials like batteries and oil. However, e-waste contains even far more dangerous materials like mercury, beryllium, cadmium, nickel, and zinc which can cause unimaginable damage to the environment if they find their way into landfills.

Economic advantages

Recycling has social and economic benefits. Reusing and recovering resources implies the conservation of renewable resources and saving energy by not manufacturing again these materials from the beginning.

Depending on the materials recycling is a cost-saving practice that can save manufacturers about 90% of the cost of production than manufacturing them from raw materials. The recycling process also requires human labor creating job opportunities for the unemployed. According to statistics, 10000 tons of waste creates 6 jobs while recycling a similar amount creates 36 jobs.

Smart waste management

Smart waste management involves effective rubbish clearance in ways that will have no adverse effects on the environment. It includes waste disposal in the best way possible. Waste materials that will take years to break down and produce greenhouse gases can be converted into useful material. They include:

Rubber: In the past used rubber was burnt. In recent times it has been abolished due to air pollution. Recycling used rubber leads to products that are not top grade rubber. Used tires are made into children’s swings and shredded rubber is used to make asphalt pavements.

Paper: Paper makes one-third of all waste dumped in landfills. Waste paper comes mostly from computer paper, office paper, newspaper, paper tissues, boxboard, and others. Cardboard and newspaper can be repulped and reused the rest of the paper waste can be recycled, stored in skip bags and used to make low-grade paper material like paper tissues, boxboards, and other building products like cellulose insulation.

Glass: 6% of municipal waste is made of glass. Glass is easy to salvage. Glass containers are used worldwide and most of it is not recycled. One hard thing to do about recycling glass is separating it from other debris.

Plastics: Plastic comprises about 10% of municipal waste. Plastic can be melted and used to make new products.

Fewer trees are cut

Recycling enables items made from timber to be reused. Paper for example can be recycled to make other items. This means that fewer trees are cut and there is a reduction in deforestation. Also, the energy used to cut down trees is significantly reduced leading to cleaner air.

In conclusion, we need to train ourselves by using less stuff. The things that we use should be reused as much as possible to reduce waste. This will help in addressing the global waste management challenge. What to do with waste is a question that most governments cannot ignore. Combining our efforts to manage waste will go a long way in conserving the environment.

Clearabee is a rubbish removal London company headquartered in Birmingham. We offer management services to our customers across the UK. We have in-house employees who are available 24/7 to attend to your request. We have planted over 19000 trees to make our own forest and offset carbon emissions produced by our vehicles. We divert over 95% of waste from landfills to foster environmentally friendly garbage disposal.

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