Mafia Definitive Edition

In a recent interview, the developers of Hangar 13 talked about their future plans. The studio is said to be working on a completely new original game. In addition, those responsible could sooner or later imagine a return to the Mafia franchise.

The developers of Hangar 13 are currently not only working on the Mafia: Definitive Edition, which will be released for PC and consoles at the end of August. They are also working on a completely new brand at the US studio.

As it says in a recent interview, the development of the new game began after the successful completion of the work on Mafia 3. While working on the previously unspecified IP, Hangar 13 began to think about how the Mafia franchise could continue.

Since the studio was not yet ready to devote itself to a completely new Mafia project, it was decided to remake the first Mafia. When asked if this was a good way to end the series, game director Haden Blackman replied that it was. However, the decision does not mean that hangar 13 has ended with Mafia.

On the contrary: at some point, the studio would like to return to Mafia. “I mean, I wouldn’t say that it’s a goal in the sense that we’re not going to return to the franchise. As you know, a lot of it will really depend on how successful the Definitive Edition is and what the reception is,” said Blackman.

In addition to the new game, Hangar 13 also has other projects in the works. So far, however, the developers have not been able to give us specific details about it.

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