Marvel's Avengers

The love for the Marvel universe is well known, as proof of all this is the welcome and general takings of the Avengers movies. Just talking about the latter, many fans will find in their hands a dedicated game, Marvel’s Avengers, which will allow them to wear the costumes of their favourite heroes once again.

Marvel’s Avengers, therefore, sets itself as a goal for all fans of the aforementioned works, aiming for a more in-depth interaction. This will develop good choices around the players themselves, who will have the elements to build multiple builds and various equipment.

One of the most interesting possibilities, however, will lie precisely in the choice of the aesthetics of one’s character, this too customizable according to some lines. Recently, speaking of the unlockable costumes possibilities of the title, IGN has shown a handful of photos, dedicated to the costumes and their variety, between colours and details that undoubtedly impress.

These will become obtainable during the course of the title, being linked to specific in-game activities. The details to draw them oscillate between, the classic style deriving from the comics to experiments that depart either from the video game itself or from the television and cinematographic transpositions.

For all those who find themselves extremely interested in Marvel’s Avengers, and cannot wait until September. There will be the opportunity to take part in its closed and open beta, which will be available during August so that players can begin to build a general idea on the whole scenario.

Marvel’s Avengers will be officially available starting from September 4, on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia, for now, and subsequently on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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