World War Z

Saber Interactive has released the latest Dronemaster update for its coop third-person shooter World War Z game. The latest update is now live on all platforms and brings a bunch of free new content for you to enjoy in the game. World War Z Dronemaster update adds new Player Reports System where you can now report anyone who breaks the game’s code of conduct. You can find more about the new Player Reports System here.

The latest update for the game also adds a bunch of new free contents including the first new playable class Dronemaster. The new Dronemaster is a highly versatile character that is said to stuns zombies when they get too close for comfort. You can also customize your drone in the perk tree to suit your play style and squad comp.

Full Crossplay, New ACW-20 Grenade Launcher and Quadrocopter

The latest update further adds full crossplay support across all platforms and also adds a new ACW-20 semi-automatic grenade launcher and a combat-ready Quadrocopter. The update also adds a variety of new weapon upgrades, perk rebalancing, fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

Finally, you can now grab the World War Z’s latest premium DLC the “Signature Weapons Pack.” The DLC includes four unique weapon skins for the game’s main characters. This DLC is included in the Season Pass and GOTY Edition. It is also available as a standalone purchase on PS4 and Xbox One.

Check out the full new features added with the latest World War Z Dronemaster update below.

World War Z Dronemaster Update Patch Notes

New Features

  • Added new “Dronemaster” specialization with its own ability, perk tree and prestige rewards
  • Added full crossplay support with other platforms
  • Added crossplay invite system via codes
  • Added user ban and report system
  • Added Signature weapon skin pack DLC (free for Season Pass owners)

General Fixes

  • Fixed issue with players being launched into the air when building automatic turrets
  • Fixed animation issue with zombies killed by fire
  • Fixed issue with Bomber blowing up instantly even when he was properly downed while vaulting or climbing (he’ll still have to finish his current animation before being downed)

World War Z – Dronemaster Update Trailer

YouTube video

You can find the full patch notes here.

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