Xbox Series X

After some doubts and uncertainties, Microsoft went public to officially carry out its next event. According to the tweet made through its Twitter profile, this will take place showcasing Xbox Series X First-Party Games on July 23rd. So and now officially, we have confirmation that we will see more news about some future Xbox Series X games.

As it was previously disclosed, rumors about the company about to reveal new events were already circulating on the web. And that one of these events would be focused on games that are in development. And yet, another event that, until then, the date was still unknown. Now with the confirmation of the date, we can even new games in advance.

Emphasizing that the event will be broadcast through Youtube and Twitch on the 23rd of this month at 9:00 AM PT. Another confirmed information is that we will have Geoff Keighley as host, opening this new broadcast from Microsoft.

Therefore, we can believe that the previous information regarding the transmission is also confirmed. Thus, we can expect an event dedicated entirely to game demos and news that will be available for the Xbox One, on July 21st and possibly the presentation on the 23rd, which will feature some exclusive titles like Halo Infinite and maybe other surprises.

What games do you expect to see in these new events? The return of some classic franchise or perhaps something new coming to the Xbox Series X? We know that some rumors about some sleeping franchises have been circulating, but will this information prove to be true? Surely anxiety will dominate us until the day of the event.



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