Marvel's Avengers

In these days there is a lot of talk about what will be the new work of Crystal Dynamics: Marvel’s Avengers. The curiosity towards this upcoming title, obviously inspired by the great success that the brand in question has earned over the years, has prompted many to approach its beta, mainly driven by the possibility of forming a direct opinion. However, the web has returned to talk about the project again, through the publication of some curious leaks.

Recently, on Reddit, a handful of images, unpublished leaks, related to Marvel’s Avengers have appeared. These have been posted as a testament to the fact that the title’s publisher will offer, as a central part of an Intel – branded promotion -, a set of exclusive costumes to select for our favourite characters.

Marvel's Avengers costume Verizon or virgin media collab
Verizon or virgin media collab: click to enlarge image

Not only that, some sets of specific costumes, at least according to what was reported by JayShockblast on YouTube, seems they will be of exclusive access only to all Verizon Up and Virgin Media customers, thus bringing to light the existence of more targeted sets.

Marvel's Avengers costume Intel collab
Intel collab: click to enlarge image

Obviously there is nothing confirmed in this regard, so it should be taken as a rumour. Going back to talking about the title, in these days the marketing agreement between Square Enix and Playstation has been confirmed, with a whole series of advantages for all users of the latter, including early access to the beta, and the future insertion of the Spider-Man character in the roster of playable characters. All without the minimum additional cost for those who own the game in the basic version.

Marvel’s Avengers will be officially released on September 4 this year on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Project Scarlett – (Xbox Series X), Google Stadia and Microsoft Windows PC.

So we just have to wait for new details, continuing to reflect on what will be the interactive possibilities that this title will offer us, in the hope of faithful consistency with everything we know.

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