A Simple Guide on What to Do If You Drop Your Phone in Water


Oh no! Your phone has gotten all wet. Silly you, always leaving your phone on the side of the sink while you do the dishes or on the side of the bathtub when you’re taking a soak.

Now you have a waterlogged $900 brick. What now? Do you know what to do if you drop your phone in water?


Hopefully, your phone isn’t completely dead in the water (so to speak, of course). We want to help you out.

Keep reading to learn what to do if your phone gets wet.

Turn It Off

It’s likely that your phone powered itself down when you got it into this mess, but if it didn’t, power the phone down yourself. Don’t turn it back on.

If possible, open the phone up and see if you can remove the battery. Lay that somewhere to dry as well.

Keep everything opened up and turned off until the phone feels completely dry, and then wait a little longer just in case. If you did everything in time, it’s possible that nothing was actually harmed during this crisis.

Use Rice

This is a handy trick that almost everyone knows. Using rice to help dry out a broken phone is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

sticking your phone in a bag or box of rice as soon as you’ve noticed that it’s gotten wet is one of the tried and true ways to dry it out in no time.

Once it’s in the rice, leave it alone. Don’t take it out every few hours to check on it. Aim for a full 48 hours.

It might seem like a lot of time, but it’s far less time than it would take to get your phone professionally fixed or to buy and receive a new phone. Also, it only costs the same as a bag of rice.

Use Air

Ideally, you’re surrounded by air at all times. Try to get your phone into an area with ample moving air, like underneath a fan or in a breeze. Lay the phone down on a towel or other absorbent material to make the most of this situation.

Like rice, this process will take a while. Leave the phone alone until you’re positive that it’s dry.

Get It Repaired

Phone repairs can be costly, but they’re less expensive than getting a new phone. Make sure that you’re not doing any more damage to your phone while you’re transporting it, but take it to someone who knows what they’re doing.

There are phone repair services all over, such as U-Tech Electronics, so finding someone who can get you in as soon as possible shouldn’t be difficult.

They should be able to tell you if your phone is worth fixing or if it’s better off finding a new one.

Here’s What to Do If You Drop Your Phone In Water

Don’t worry, learning what to do if you drop your phone in water is just a matter of figuring out which steps are the right ones for your phone.

Not all phones can be saved, but if yours can, you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars (and all of your precious data).

Just relax and follow our guide.

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Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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