Saints Row 5: Deep Silver Denies the Game Is In Development

Saints Row V

The rumors about Saints Row 5 are false according to Deep Silver’s PR. In recent days, a rumor concerning Saints Row 5 had emerged on the net, more precisely on 4chan, a title that would be in development but never officially confirmed. Despite the lack of a reliable source, these rumors list out some interesting details for example that its story follows Saints Row The Third, there will be no superpowers and the Saints are the villains.

Of course, the key word is “possibility.” Alex Q. Ryan, Deep Silver’s senior PR manager, took to Twitter to debunk the leak, stating frankly, “Sorry to be that guy, but this info is not correct.  I definitely can’t wait to share what’s next for Saints, but this isn’t it.”


Regarding when fans will expect some real details, Ryan replied, “We have no information to share at this time. I mean other than the “leak” is false, of course.”

Regrettably, it will be some time before official information is revealed. Embracer Group, which owns Deep Silver, confirmed in May that no major Triple-A titles would be coming this year. Saints Row hasn’t been explicitly mentioned, but considering the lack of details so far, it’s fair to assume it falls into that category.

Meanwhile, Saints Row The Third Remastered is currently available for Xbox One, PC and PS4, offering revamped graphics and general changes to the title.

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