PlayStation 5 First Unboxing Videos Arrive

PlayStation 5

Sony Interactive Entertainment today lifted the embargo on unboxing of the standard edition retail unit for PlayStation 5.

Not only that, we can also see new gameplay videos from Astro’s Playroom, a title pre-installed on the new console and developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio. In a few weeks after the console arrives in our living rooms, therefore, we can say that we have finally entered the next-gen.


Hands-on previews of PlayStation 5 and Astro’s Playroom can now be read on various publications, including Ars Technica, EGMNOW, Game Informer, GameSpot, GamesRadar, IGN, TechRadar, USgamer and The Verge. Japanese readers will also be able to check out previews at, AV Watch, CoroCoro Online, Dengeki Online, Famitsu,, GAME Watch and Magazine.

All the media are in fact presenting the unboxing videos of the console in these hours, enhancing the hardware qualities of PlayStation 5. The first thing that catches the eye is certainly the size of the new console. This is in fact much larger than the PlayStation 4, as are the dimensions of the new DualSense.

The heavier weight, however, is echoed by a high quality of materials for this new console. Inside the package, in addition to the PlayStation 5 and the controller, there will also be the base that will allow us to position the console both horizontally and vertically, both the HDMI and power cables.

But another very important content of the package, even if not physically visible, is definitely Astro’s Playroom. The title, pre-installed on the console, has returned to show itself with new gameplay content. The video published below, lasting about 10 minutes, shows us different levels, embellished with new gameplay mechanics that promise to take full advantage of the new DualSense haptic features.

PlayStation 5 will be launched on November 12 in the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, while on November 19 it will arrive in the rest of the world, including Europe, the Middle East, South America, Asia and South Africa.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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