Most Profitable One-Person Business Ideas for 2020


Making money and having financial independence is a blessing in disguise. However, many people are unable to start a business of their own as they remain confused as to what to offer to the people. As hard as it seems, the answer is often simple whether it’s a manufacturing staffing agency or an online e-commerce business you want to set up.  However, there are a gazillion other ideas out there that you can use to generate an income for yourself. Some of the most popular ones in 2020 are:

Online Fitness Training

Covid-19 pandemic is upon us but the fitness freaks cannot do without following a daily workout regime. However, gyms are not operating either. This means that people who used to hit the gym every day have to rely on online videos and sessions that various trainers hold. Do you know what this means? This means that you can tap this opportunity and if you are someone who takes an interest in fitness, you can start your own business.

However, for that to happen you will have to take a personal trainer training yourself as well. Because people do not trust just anyone on the Internet. One has to be a certified trainer to earn clients. And if you have certifications, then there is nothing that can stop you from succeeding. All you have to do is record videos or ask people to sign up for your live sessions. And if they like it, they will spread the word.

Language Tutoring

If fitness training is not your forte, then you might want to use other talents that you may have. For example, many people know more than one language. And if you believe that you have a firm grasp on both languages that you know (or as many as you know), you can offer online tutoring as well.

One such platform that is facilitating teachers and tutors alike is Classes take place via Skype or Zoom. And currently, the website offers seven languages that you can learn including Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, and German. So, if you wish to teach any of these, you can sign up on the website.

However, this is not the only way to become a language tutor. This example was to give you an idea that such businesses exist and you can have one of your own as well. But if you would like to learn some tricks of the trades, you might as well work in related companies to have certain insights. Eventually, these will aid you in setting up your own business.

Health Food

Americans are becoming more health-conscious and this brings opportunity for nutritionists to start an online business. Apart from nutritionists, if you are someone who has a keen interest in consuming healthy substitutes in whatever you eat, you can start your own business as well. Provided that you tried and tested the food yourself.

However, you should know that your business does not necessarily have to concentrate on healthy foods, you can sell health drinks as well. And if your products are effective, people will return to you to purchase more and might as well recommend your company to friends.

Jewelry Business

If you plan to start a jewelry business, there are two ways to go about it. Either you can purchase from someone or if you are a jewelry designer, you can design your own. Some businesses like these support the female artisans around the world or within their own country. Women purchase from them and sell the jewelry further.

This is a win-win situation as a business owner makes money and the artisans’ get paid too. As in many countries, women are not allowed to leave homes. Especially in developing countries. Therefore, this model helps these women in earning a living for themselves as well. Apart from that, their talent does not go wasted. And the cherry on top is the confidence that they gain from this activity.

Skincare Products

This business could work in two ways as well. Either you can collaborate with a person who knows about beauty products and can develop her own or you can create your own. However, a catch here would be offering organic products. Because many people are making a shift towards organic products now. Whether it is hair oils, skin oils, or other skincare products.

If you wish to get an idea of what products do similar businesses sell or what is it that you can offer to the people, you should look at websites that offer related products. However, remember that this will not be an easy business to start as you would have to do thorough research.

Other than that, you can even offer financial consulting if you are good at it. Or, set up a company in partnership with let’s say, mortgage recruiters. You can earn thousands of dollars per month, however, in this business, you won’t be the sole earner. So keep that aspect in mind as well.


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