Silent Hill Reboot To Be Revealed at The Game Awards

Silent Hill Reboot

Is there an unveiling for Silent Hill Reboot expected later this year? Recently, rumors of a reboot of the series have been surfacing regularly and this time an analyst wants us to know more.

In the past few months and years, the Silent Hill series has appeared repeatedly in the rumor mill. Could Konami be working on a reboot of the horror brand? Could this be done exclusively for the PlayStation 5? And what does Hideo Kojima have to do with it? All questions that are repeatedly washed up by the new details.


And today we received another rumor that the analyst Roberto Serrano circulated on Twitter. Accordingly, a new Silent Hill Reboot is to be unveiled as part of The Game Awards for the PlayStation 5. However, Serrano did not reveal where he should have got this information from. Accordingly, any suggestion should be taken with the proper precaution.

The Game Awards will take place on December 10th this year and will be produced and hosted once again by Geoff Keighley. Since you have to do without a live audience, you should be able to expect a purely digital event that is peppered with all kinds of new announcements. In addition, the best games of the year are awarded in various categories.

Kinda Funny Games’ Imran Khan recently also announced that an announcement could be made at The Game Awards. As soon as details about a possible Silent Hill are revealed, we will bring you up to date information on it.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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