The Benefits of Spectrum Cable TV: Don’t Cut the Cord Just Yet

Spectrum Cable TV

Spectrum Cable TV has always been the main source of televised entertainment for people. They can easily watch their favorite TV programs with just a push of the remote button. As time went by, different streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu started to emerge. These platforms overwhelmed the viewers with a vast variety of content. This led to people thinking of cutting the cord. However, if you are one of them then hold your thought. There are some really important benefits of cable TV which might make you reconsider your decision. Those advantages are as follows.

1. Stable and Reliable Viewing Experience

The first advantage of cable TV is that it is stable. This gives it an edge over streaming platforms and satellite TVs. Streaming services rely on the signal strength of your Wi-Fi connection. When the signals get weak, you will experience lags and buffering in your shows. And when the signals die then your show will cut short. And it would not proceed further until the connection gets stable again. Subscribing to a reliable network like Spectrum internet may resolve the problem but why take the risk? Whereas, the satellite TVs are vulnerable to disruptions caused by natural phenomena such as storms, rainfalls, or a sudden gust of wind.


Cable TV is free from such limitations. You will be able to watch the shows that you love in a seamless flow without worrying about buffers or disruptions. The only instance where you might face some problems is when there are significant damages to the cable system. Apart from that, you can watch cable TV shows at any time of the day or weather, ensuring you a reliable viewing experience.

2. Channel Options

Another thing cable TV viewers get what the users of streaming platforms don’t is the convenience of choosing different shows and programs from an extensive list of channels. The total number of channels can change depending on the packages and deals that you are subscribed to. Your service provider might offer you a channel lineup. From there, you can select a package that will be according to the preference of every family member. The best thing about this is that most of the channel lineups will be family-friendly.

Let’s just agree to the fact that one doesn’t like to stop switching channels to find great shows. You will not find this option on streaming platforms. One thing about channel surfing is that it gives you the control and freedom to watch programs at your desired time. Cable TV also gives you and the other viewer to watch your favorite programs simultaneously if you have a single television. For instance, kids can switch the channels in between ad breaks to watch cartoons. You cannot find such an option on any streaming service.

3. Provides Bundling Option

Every viewer who opts for a cable TV service does so for different reasons. Some do it to gain access to a range of channels while others may do it to get a high-speed internet connection coupled with a few channels. So, if you subscribed to a cable TV network just for the internet service then cutting the cord won’t make sense as to how will you continue to remain connected. Therefore, bundling is an ideal option as it provides you with great deals at a reduced price.

4. You Can Watch Sports

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of all for the cable TV subscribers is that they can enjoy sports on their television sets. Streaming sites may offer tons of content but they will not be able to compete with cable TV in this regard. Television viewers can enjoy both local and international gaming events based on your location.

5. Experience Live Programs

Being a subscriber of cable TV lets you experience live programs. This means that whether it is the Grammys or the Oscars, you won’t miss it! Plus, as the holiday season is just around the corner, you can easily get in the Christmas mood by watching special events live with your family. However, streaming services does not air live events. This means you won’t be able to enjoy certain programs.

6. You Can Always Negotiate

One reason why you might consider cutting the cord is that the price may become significantly higher once the promotional period ends. However, you can still contact your service provider and can ask them to give you some flexibility. Doing this will not hurt your pocket. You also have the option to look for other providers if you are not interested in the offer of the current provider. I use Spectrum TV because of its flawless service. Remember that there is a big market of cable providers so finding the most affordable service will not be so much of a problem.


If you think that by switching to streaming platforms, you will be accessible to a lot of content then think again! True, you may find some really interesting shows on those services. However, you will miss out on other forms of content like sports or live events. Plus, subscribing to a cable TV network can be cheaper than most of the streaming platforms if you take the bundling option which will include a high-speed internet connection.

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Rizwan Ahmad

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