Hunt Showdown DLC The Trick Shooter

Crytek has officially announced the next DLC release date for the Hunt: Showdown game. The new Hunt: Showdown DLC called The Trick Shooter will officially release on January 21, 2021, for PC via Steam. Also, the console players will receive the new DLC for the game on January 25, 2021, alongside The Ronin DLC.

Notably, the upcoming Hunt: Showdown DLC The Trick Shooter will bring two gruesome weapons called Bear’s Leg and Carter’s Quickshot and also one legendary hunter called Carter. Below you can find a short overview of the two new weapons and legendary hunter Carter.


William Carter was a sharpshooter, and the inventor of many a curious new attraction for the Wild West Shows he starred in. Ever the showman, he fictionalized most of his life story, and though no one knows his true origins two things are clear: he’s a fearsome shot with an extravagant sense of humor – and adventure.


Bear’s Leg

This Winfield M1873C Vandal Deadeye played center stage in Carter’s show. He dazzled the crowd, cocking it with extravagant spins, the stage lights glinting on the pearlescent lens and gold-inlay bear.

Bear’s Leg

Carter’s Quickshot

Gifted to the sharpshooter William Carter, this personalized Specter is ideal for pulling off fast shooting sequences to dazzle spectators and intimidate foes.

Carter's Quickshot

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