Types of Hair and How to Care for Them


Beauty is something that each one of us wants to achieve. No matter how we are in the present moment, there is always a voice inside our head that asks for more care and attention to be given to our own health and body.

Caring for oneself is not some drastic change that has to occur in our life in order to make it a part of our daily routine, it can actually start from where we are and how we perceive the world, all we need is a little change in our way of thinking and reacting to situations around us.


One of the best ways to tell your body that you care is to take care of the skin and hair, something that makes us all unique in ourselves and allows us to be different and authentic as compared to other people.

Hair treatments for men and women can also help in the process of self-care, depending on one’s hair type. Similarly, people also have very different skin types and need specific products and care in order to keep them healthy and alive.

Facts to Know About Hair

Depending on one’s genes, metabolism, and environmental conditions, different people tend to have different types of hair and scalp skin. The basics are always the same, that is that every person has a scalp with hair follicles inside them.

These are the places that hair grows from and are underneath the uppermost layer of the skin, much like any other part of our body.

Every person also has a natural oil that is secreted by the glands underneath our skin called sebum. This is very essential for our hair and skin as it helps to overcome dryness and forms a protective barrier for our skin and hair to endure the harmful effects of exposure to sun and the atmospheric pollution.

Hair is a strand of some dead cells without any live nerves in them. This is the reason that there is no pain that we feel when our hair is cut from any point. But near the follicles, there are still some nerves and due to that, we do feel some pain if, say, our hair is pulled out from the roots.

Every hair strand also has a layer of protein called keratin around it. Keratin is something that a lot of hair salons and beauty experts work with for different hair treatments for men and women. This layer is easily eroded and needs to be preserved well so that our hair does not lose its shine or become damaged.

Types of Hair and How to Protect Them

Different people have different types of hair as the following:

  1. DRY HAIR: as the name suggests, this hair type is dry and seems to be easily affected by the outer atmosphere, especially sunlight. It can become easily damaged and one needs to take extra care to protect them.

Dry hair may be accompanied by a dry or even an oily scalp. In both cases, choosing the correct combination of oils to work with and oiling the hair regularly is a must.

  1. OILY HAIR: this hair type is better protected from the harsh environment as it does not lose moisture very easily and remains shiny for a long time. The problem with oily hair or scalp is their tendency to become dirty very easily.

Excess oil in the hair or the scalp can make it look very sticky and also attract a lot of germs and dirt that can stay and make the hair dirty or even promote the onset of dandruff or lice. It is important to wash oily hair with a soap-free shampoo regularly and make sure that they are clean.

  1. DAMAGED: damaged hair can often appear frizzy and brittle. They tend to break easily and also make a person suffer from hair fall or thinning of hair. One can easily do a damage test at home to check if their hair is damaged.

Many times, this damage can be caused by exposure to the sun or even letting the hair come in frequent contact with chlorinated water like in swimming pools.

Taking care of damaged hair can be tricky but even more essential. One should make sure to use a shampoo that is not harsh and does not strip off the natural moisture from the hair.

Conditioning every time after a wash will ensure better retention of moisture in the hair and using a serum will ensure that the hair is protected further from the external environment and also control the frizz.

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