Resident Evil Village

While Resident Evil Village appears uncensored in western countries, some changes are made to the Japanese version. The so-called CERO removed scenes from the game in which the opponent’s head was cut off. In general, the Japanese will see less blood.

According to the game director Morimasa Sato, there will be intense and terrifying scenes in the eighth part of the Resident Evil series. In Japan, this is obviously reason enough to thoroughly censure the game. Behind it is the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization, which is responsible for the Japanese age rating.

Capcom explains on its own website that two different editions of Resident Evil Village are offered in Japan. Both are based on the guidelines of the Japanese organization. The so-called D version is approved for players up to 17 years of age, whereas the Z version is not approved for young people.

However, the Japanese will not see any beheadings in the latter version either. Some game scenes are even completely removed. In both editions, the representation of violence is reduced, which should be recognizable primarily from the amount of blood.

CERO is known in Japan for taking drastic action against brutal game content. Therefore, the censoring made in Resident Evil Village is by no means an isolated case. Nevertheless, Capcom promises the players that there is no difference to the overseas version in spite of the cut scenes.

By the way, in Europe, you don’t have to fear that the new title will come onto the market in a censored form. Almost a month ago we learned that the game will appear uncut in the same country and has not been approved for young people.

Resident Evil Village will be released on May 7th this year for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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