Download Media Player Classic Home (MPC-HC) Cinema Version v1.9.12


You can now download the latest unofficial version of the Media Player Classic – Home Cinema v1.9.12. This is an unofficial version of the original product which is based original Guliverkli project of the Media Player Classic from Gabest and brings many additional functions and bug fixes to the player.

Media Player Classic – Home Cinema ( MPC-HC ) is a free and open-source video/audio player for Windows. Notably, the last official version 1.7.13 of the MPC-HC was released back on July 16, 2017.


Below you can find the changes which have been added with the release of the latest Media Player Classic – Home Cinema version 1.9.12.

Media Player Classic – Home Cinema Version 1.9.12 Changes, additions and improvements

  • Changed default setting for subtitle texture resolution. This change only affects playback on screens with 4K resolution. In that case subtitles are now rendered at 1080p resolution (and then scaled to final size). This improves performance on such systems. You can of course change the setting to 4k if you prefer slightly sharper subtitles.
  • Some improvements related to the youtube-dl support.
  • Added support for downloading subtitles for streams extracted by youtube-dl. You can specify desired subtitle language(s) here: Options > Advanced
  • Strips html tags when found in SRT subtitles.
  • Added prompt when enabling OpenSubtitle option, mentioning than an account is required on their website.
  • Removed SubDB subtitle provider. Their site has been offline for a long time.
  • Removed obsolete RealMedia and QuickTime frameworks. These were only available in 32-bit builds, and were already not used by default anymore for a long time. Now such files are always played using the internal DirectShow codecs.


  • Fixed issue where recent file list could get cleared when opening a file with a very long path.
  • Several other small fixes and improvements.

Download: MPC-HC 1.9.12 (x86) | ~20.0 MB (Open Source)
Download: MPC-HC 1.9.12 (x64) |
Link: Home Page

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