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Subway Clash 3D is a popular 3D action shooting gamesgames game that you can play online for free. You can use your PC browser to access the game and start playing in a few seconds. Subway Clash 3D plays really well and it’s fun to have such a game on our browser window.

The  Subway Clash 3D sets you in a series of subway tunnels where you fight agent’s a team of well-armed commandos. Your main task in the game is to wipe out as many enemies as possible before time runs out. You can play Subway Clash 3D


Subway Clash 3D comes with an easy-to-use mouse and keyboard support that makes it really easy for us to play the game. The mouse and keyboard controls are pretty simple to play the game. You can find all the mouse and keyboard controls below.

Game Controls


  • USE THE MOUSE to move around.
  • LEFT CLICK to use a weapon and fire.
  • RIGHT-CLICK to zoom in.


  • PRESS W to run forward.
  • PRESS S to run backward.
  • PRESS A to dash left.
  • PRESS D to dash right.
  • PRESS C to crouch.

To play gamesgames Subway Clash 3D for free online just go to this page here and start playing the game just by hitting the left mouse button.

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