Biostar Launches New ATX Intel Z690, Z690A VALKYRIE and RACING Z690GTA Motherboards


The brand-new Intel Z690 series motherboards have been announced by BIOSTAR, a major maker of motherboards, graphics cards, and storage devices.

BIOSTAR has released stylish new designs with cutting-edge technology-infused Intel Z690 series motherboards. BIOSTAR’s new motherboards, which are designed to run the latest Intel 12th generation processors, are excellent for gamers eager to play the finest AAA games and PC aficionados who demand nothing less than the best.


BIOSTAR intends to bring the best technology to the public with three new interesting ATX motherboard models. The Z690 VALKYRIE and Z690A VALKYRIE are BIOSTAR’s latest flagship motherboards, with exciting new features and capabilities, while the RACING Z690GTA motherboard is durable, intended for casual gamers and content creators with style for any occasion.

BIOSTAR’s latest flagship motherboards, the Z690 VALKYRIE and Z690A VALKYRIE, are top-of-the-line flagship motherboards. The motherboards provide PCIe-5.0 support for the best hardware compatibility on the market.

It also offers extra features including a 20-phase power design that ensures constant, consistent power across all components, considerably improving the system’s performance and endurance.

In addition, the new Z690 VALKYRIE is DDR5 compatible, allowing you to get the most out of the latest RAM modules.

The Z690 VALKYRIE and Z690A VALKYRIE motherboards are considerably superior to the rest of their competition, with a unique new armor design adorning VALKYRIE’s signature gold and pink battle lines. With its full-copper base and metal backplate, the innovative heat dissipation system incorporated into the armor gear PCB cover features BIOSTAR’s unique fins heat sink, providing an active cooling solution. The VALKYRIE line of motherboards are among the most popular on the market.

Intel Z690 series
Image Credit: BIOSTAR

In addition, the new RACING Z690GTA motherboard is designed specifically for gamers and content creators. The new it is ideal for any use case thanks to its visually attractive features and high-end functionality.

The new RACING Z690GTA motherboard is the jack of all trades in the motherboard market, with a 17-phase power design and some amazing extras like BIOSTAR’s VIVID LED DJ, BIOSTAR RGB SYNC, and LED ROCK ZONE capabilities.

BIOSTAR’s new Intel Z690 series motherboards are all about style, grace, and cutting-edge functionality. Consumers who demand the best can rest confident that their favorite brand has created some incredible new products that will arm their battle stations with raw power and long-lasting durability, ensuring success on the battlefield.

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