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There’s no running away from the fact that cyber security is increasing every day. Now that technology is all over the place and has cemented a strong position in our lives, hackers know all the right ways to penetrate into our system to store valuable information.

According to recent research, it has been found that scammers are going the extra mile and getting registered broker names to post the required information on several websites. However, this is not the end of the game, scammers will also go on to get in touch with the customers in the pursuit of seeking additional information.

However, it has been found out that the majority of online scams are the result of some form of human error. Therefore, the scammers know it well and claim the opportunity to their benefit. Now, businesses are being recommended to settle for the best practices to improve cyber security to combat larger problems.

Therefore a firm will do everything that will make their IT network perform better than the others. According to various reports, cyber security costs around $1.2 trillion every year, which is shocking enough and a strong reason for every business owner to take care of their information.

Here, we have listed a few tips for you to improve the cyber security of your business:

⦁ Create Easy Central Contacts

All you need to do is, hire an IT guardian who will act as a mentor between the business functions and paddling informal advice. This isn’t as tough as it sounds and you would only have to set up an email address. On the contrary, when businesses decide to give informal advice to the customers through their main computer system, the chances of a cyber-attack increase as a result.

⦁ Password Should Be Strong

No matter what one has to say about this, the password should be strong and a tough combination of letters, numerals and signs. No wonder, weak passwords are the biggest source of major security breaches. After all, when people resume multiple accounts, it becomes easier for them to penetrate the main computer system. According to a recent survey, around 51% of people decided to share their passwords online. However, only 21% were unsure about doing it.

⦁ Train Your Team

Humans are the most valuable resources for any organization, which is why they need to be trained for any red flags of cyber security threats. For instance, spelling mistakes, fake domain names, time pressures, and poor quality logos could all be major red flags. However, if the staff members continue to overlook it, the business could be at the receiving end of the damage. However, once the team is trained to the fullest, the chances of a major cyber security threat in the future will eventually go down.

⦁ Use an Up-to-Date Software

Beware of any software that is not on mobile devices or company-wide. Most people will overlook the notifications that are central to solving a security issue. Especially when you open software, you won’t usually sift through the daily reminders to improve security at work.

Use software that has an automated threat response and can easily cut down the chances of a prospective security issue. On the contrary, using software that hasn’t been updated or is out of the blue might only increase the chances of a cyber-security attack.

⦁ Invest in Similar Web Domains

The easiest way to avoid a cyber-security threat is to buy domains with similar names. This will be helpful for the suppliers, customers and your team to keep away from fishy emails. Because everyone is flocked with several marketing emails throughout the day, using web domains with similar names is an easy way to get the problem solved. After all, when you get to bring all the stakeholders on the same page, they won’t have any difficulty relating to your brand.

⦁ Only Use Approved Connections

Now that hybrid working is all over the place, the chances of a cyber-security threat are at an all-time high. Simply put, employees are spending more time working from home and on the go. Because coronavirus is here to stay, many firms have decided to allow their employees to work from home for the years to come.

This is when employees will be at a higher risk of using a device that is unsecured. You need to train them about using a secure connection. Furthermore, if you have multiple laptops at the workstation, it is best to give them one, so the chances of a cyber-security issue are reduced.

⦁ Check Your System for Vulnerabilities

What are the vulnerabilities in your current system? Do you know how to spot them? When was the last time you spotted vulnerabilities and got them fixed? Do you know about penetration testing? Now is the best time to inspect your business for vulnerabilities and see how you can get rid of them on time. On the contrary, leaving the system unattended with several vulnerable devices will only put your entire information at the receiving end of the damage. Check with SANGFOR to know about the current vulnerabilities in your system and see how they can be eradicated.

⦁ Store Credentials Safely

Ensure that the right organizational and technical measures are taken to safeguard valuable data of the business. This will eventually play a vital role in cutting down the cyber-attacks and minimizing their impacts. Especially if you have to store valuable client data, you need to ensure that it is in a secure space. After all, if the client data is compromised and the news is out there, customers will lose trust in the business. In today’s time, there’s nothing more important than earning trust. Once it is gone, it is hard to bring it back.

⦁ Establish Clear Protocols

For sharing information and communicating with new clients, you need to have proper security protocols in place. Especially when payments are concerned, ask them to create a personalized account on your website and fill in the details. After all, if you want to get rid of major cyber security threats, you’ll have to work with due diligence before granting access to a third party.

Editor-in-chief at Cyberockk, Rizwan is an avid mobile geek and a gaming lover. He loves to keep a tab on new tech and loves to share the latest tech news and reviews on Smartphones, Gadgets, Apps, and more.


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