Allowing Video Games in Tesla Car Raises Safety Concerns for Drivers in the US


The touch screen dashboard brings with it a luxury for passengers and drivers in Tesla cars. But a recent observation by well-known journalist Vince Patton came as a surprise for newsreaders. The fact that presence of touch screens in front of passenger seats in the latest design cars is useful for long journeys and urgent video conferencing for business meetings. But this should not come at a cost of human lives as allowing the driver to play video games while driving on road is extremely risky.

Vince Patton observed in the video that the driver was playing a video game while driving and then he practically drove his latest 2021 model 3 Tesla in an empty campus of community college in America. After that, the 58-year-old Journalist made a complaint to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) about the potential risk to the lives of drivers and passengers in this situation.

One lady spokeswoman from the NHTSA then escalated the matter to the Tesla Company Management. There was no reply from the leading car manufacturer till the time of writing this article.

The two highlighting features of the Tesla are being looked into by US Government which are the Auto-pilot where the Car is put in Auto mode by the Driver who is present on the driver seat same as in Aeroplane. The other feature is completely self-driving and no need for drivers at all.

The Act of Mr. Vince Patton comes as a whistleblower as this is something which cannot be neglected regarding the safety of Human Lives. Full self-driving is enabled through a software system and it is being tested by selected owners on public roads.

According to the safety department in the US, the deaths due to accidental driving United States are under-counted and this needs to be reviewed carefully.

The possible reason for the Tesla software system allowing the drivers to play games could be the software update downloaded for the game Skyforce reloaded. Is another point worth noting according to 10 times Emmy award winner Journalist Mr. Patton is that drivers can lie to the system when they are asked “Are you a passenger “? While allowing access to the game. There is no way available to confirm whether a person is a passenger or driver?.

Hence, the safety features in present-day Cars are something that cannot be taken lightly and modern car manufacturers are very particular about that.

But sometimes, they are not at fault and need to be notified immediately about such concerns. There could be some settings that need to be changed which restrict the game while driving. The GPS feature for navigation is a helpful feature for drivers while driving.


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