Cor Lapis

How many times have you wondered Where do I get Cor Lapis? after starting the newest MOBA, Genshin Impact? This Cor Lapis guide will tell you where to get Cor Lapis, what Cor Lapis does, and how to use it in the game! So if you need help getting started with Genshin Impact or just want to improve your play, keep reading!

What is Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact?

Cor Lapis is the valuable currency used to buy the best equipment in Genshin Impact, but it can be very difficult to find them. Fortunately, we’ve collected all the information you need to farm Cor Lapis from common and hard-to-find enemies alike.

Where to Find Cor Lapis in Genshin Impact

The first place to check is, as you might have guessed, all over town. This has been a source of debate for many players, but I’ve found that you’ll find it while talking with NPCs around town. It’s pretty easy to spot as a red-colored mineral when you get close enough, so don’t worry too much about missing it.

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Cor Lapis Components

After much time (and patience) I’ve finally finished up my monster-length guide on all things related to cor lapis, a resource that is often neglected and overlooked by players. Some parts of it might not be 100% correct, but I’m confident that most players will find something useful here. Hope you enjoy! Click here for the full guide!

Best Locations to Farm Cor Lapis

To ensure that you have all of your supplies, it’s best to always farm every material you need. And while some items are easier than others to farm, cor lapis is pretty easy—though it might take some time. Here are some areas where you can get cor lapis: Caves – While these areas require a bit more skill and caution, caves can be good places for lower-level players.

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