Netflix Releases First Trailer for The Cuphead Show, Coming February 18

The first trailer for The Cuphead Show released, coming on February 18 to Netflix.

The Cuphead Show
Image Courtesy: Netflix

Netflix has released the first trailer for its new series, The Cuphead Show, based on the popular video game series of the same name. The animated show, which debuts on February 18th, will follow the misadventures of Cuphead and Mugman as they try to make their way in the world. It will consist of two 10-minute episodes each week, but Netflix has not yet announced how many episodes will comprise the full season or how long this first season will run. The show comes from Canadian developer Studio MDHR Entertainment and animation studio ShadowMachine Films.

The Cuphead Show – Trailer

This new Netflix original revolves around the daily lives of two cup brothers, Mugman and Cuphead (from the popular game Cuphead). It will be interesting to see how different these characters are from their gameplay counterparts. Fans of the game have already expressed excitement regarding how accurately they have animated both of these cartoon-like figures.


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The Creators Behind Cuphead Discuss the New Netflix Show

The Cuphead Show is about anthropomorphic bugs, robots, and critters as they navigate a post-apocalyptic world and go on adventures together. The show was created by the same people who made the video game: Studio MDHR Entertainment. These creators share some of their inspiration behind the brand-new animated series debuting on Netflix on February 18! The first episode of The Cuphead Show will be available to stream that day exclusively through Netflix.

All About The Creators Behind ‘Cuphead’

An Interview with Studio MDHR – Netflix US News & World Report If you were a fan of ‘Cuphead’ — either as a fantastic action game or one of 2017’s most impressive visual experiences — you might be surprised to learn that it didn’t begin as either of those things. Instead, its development is rooted in a love of classic animation and cartoons …

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