Pokimane Announces Tesla Model 3 Giveaway, Re-signs With Twitch

Image Courtesy: Pokimane Twitter

Pokimane has confirmed that she is giving away a Tesla Model 3. The price of the car is around $116k, or about 86.8 lakh rupees. Fans of the Twitch streamer can expect further details to come. The video game enthusiast also says that she plans to use the extra money to buy a new car, and that she will be doing a car shopping trip with his friend.

The announcement follows a long-running saga over the streamer’s future. Before the streamer revealed the new album, she teased his next move, announcing a Tesla Giveaway.


“Giveaway details will be posted in the next few days!! Thank you guys for your support, it makes me forever want to give back,” Pokimane tweeted.

You can join the competition by visiting the official website. To enter the contest, you must follow Pokimane on Twitch or follow the artist on YouTube Gaming.

Upon announcing her Tesla Giveaway, Pokimane announced that she’s staying with Twitch. The YouTuber also said that the community’s support had helped her buy a new Model 3 and was contributing to her monthly budget.

However, the news of the Giveaway prompted many fans to wonder if Pokimane would stay with Twitch and give away the car as well. There’s no doubt that the public will be very excited to see this.

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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