Street Fighter 6 Has Been Revealed Officially


After a week of teasers, Capcom has officially revealed the next Street Fighter 6 game, and it’s a pretty big deal. A reporter for GamesRadar tweeted that a “countdown timer” has been activated on their website. The report did not specify a specific date for the game’s release, nor did the reporter mention the official release form. It is not known if the teaser’s release date has been set in stone yet, but it is possible that we’ll learn about it at a later date.

There’s no official release date yet, but Capcom has launched a mysterious countdown timer on its website. The countdown started at 12:37am CT this morning, and it will end at midnight on Feb. 20.


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Fans can expect to see a full trailer for the game on Feb. 22, and Capcom is promising a final balance patch for Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition in the coming months.

The Street Fighter series has taken a new direction with each game. Its title, logo, and look have changed considerably from the last instalment, but it still seems the series is going in a different direction.

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After all, the game’s gameplay was much more grounded than its predecessor, and that made it one of the most popular fighting games ever. But now, Capcom is promising to reveal more details about Street Fighter 6 this summer.

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