The latest update for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 is now rolling out globally. The latest PlayStation 4/5 firmware update comes with version 22.01- and brings many new features, including enhanced graphics, a new user interface, and improved performance.

You can now play games with up to four players at closed or open parties. In addition, PlayStation 5 also includes support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Share Screen, which allows you to stream your gameplay to an open party.

Moreover, it adds a voice-command feature called Voice Command (Preview), which can be activated by speech. This feature can also be enabled by voice commands and is a great way to get the most out of your PS5 gaming experience.

The update also includes new features, including the ability to control media playback using their voice (English language setting only). This feature is available for players in the United States and Great Britain, but the update is not yet available in Ukraine.

Users can now find games by genre and use the PlayStation Store to share games and other media. Additionally, users can choose a language to use when connecting to their PlayStation Remote Play from a computer.

The new voice command feature allows users to specify the language they want to use, which is very convenient if you speak Ukrainian or Russian.

You can also use this function to filter games by genre and play PS Plus games. It’s important to note that this update is not available for all regions, so make sure to check the availability before downloading.

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