Internet is something which is found in everything today. Whether it’s a physical object or intangible activity, there is a hint of the internet in all of this. That is because it’s an incredibly adaptable tool which because of its flexibility has made its way in all the latest technologies and gadgets.

The importance of the internet can be seen in such a way that every modern gadget or technology can’t work without it. That’s because the internet has played a significant part in the development of every new technology that has come after it, acting as a catalyst in a chemical reaction.

Where this chemical reaction was the technological boom of the 21st century. And due to all these reasons, this age is classified as the age of the internet of things, in which the internet has transcended from just being a service to actually being present in physical form through these internet-powered devices.

Talking about the internet in different fields of life, it has been hugely successful in all of those. Whether we talk about the field of communication, business, education, corporate sector, or any other place.

The internet has proved its mettle wherever it was tested. However, there is no other field that has benefited this much from the internet than the field of entertainment.

The Internet took the entertainment industry to heights that were even unfathomable before. Today if we take a closer look, we will see that more or less the complete entertainment sector is running on the internet.

From online gaming to streaming movies, TV shows, music, cartoons, sitcoms, sports, anything related to the field of entertainment is accessible through the internet. And if you want to enjoy these perks as well make sure to have a good internet connection, and if you haven’t click here to get yourself one.

Origins of Netflix

In terms of the streaming front, we all have seen how much this field has grown in just a decade. The era before 2010 was dedicated to home media and cinemas where there were companies worth billions of dollars like Blockbuster whose entire business model was dependent on the sale of home media in the shape of VHS and after that CDs and DVDs.

It was in 2011 when a small company by the name of Netflix emerged and in only a few years decimated the competition to become the biggest online streaming service to date with a consumer base of more than 220 million customers worldwide. Netflix realized the need of the modern customer to get entertainment on the go and to have a watching experience without being bound to their TV sets. 

Netflix’s Strategy

There were hassles of purchasing or renting DVDs, storing them, handling them with care so that they don’t get damaged or else an additional penalty would be incurred, plus returning them on time in order to avoid late fees. Netflix changed all that in favor of a digital medium where users had an access to a plethora of digital content in return for a very economical monthly subscription fee. This allowed users to watch as much content as they like without any worries, anywhere, anytime as long as they had an internet connection and a device like a smartphone on which they could watch the content.

Through this business model, Netflix struck gold and made many other entertainment giants like Warner Media and Disney follow suit and make their own streaming services. However, it was already too late and Netflix had made significant ground in terms of both revenues and consumer base, something which is way too difficult to compete now.

Netflix Originals in 2022

It wasn’t only the nature of the medium but also how Netflix maintained its relevancy by hugely investing in its own production of high-quality original movies and shows, which are loved by the audience and are a major reason behind the success of the platform. This year is no different and there are many Netflix original shows people are eagerly waiting for. These are the continuations of Netflix’s classic original series that have piqued the interest of fans all over the world.

Stranger Things Season 4

Everyone’s favorite Sci-Fi shows return to Netflix this year. Stranger things is a season loved by people of all age groups as it gives a classic homage to the 80s Scifi genre and Speilberg’s classics like E.T. Season 3 left all of us in tears when the Buyers family moved out of Hawkins with Eleven after the apparent death of Jim Hopper.

However, the trailers of the new seasons have already kept fans excited as Hopper is revealed to be alive and the story expanding to new horizons both literally and figuratively. 

This season will focus on more locations apart from Hawkins and is the second last season with the series coming to a close with the fifth and final season. Plus the best part about the season is that we don’t have little to no idea where the series will go next apart from that it would be set in the backdrop of the Cold War and the inclusion of the Russians.

Split into two parts, Stranger Things Season 4 part 1 will be available for streaming from May 27, 2022, only on Netflix.

Peaky Blinders Season 6

Our famous gangster returns for his final outing with Peaky Blinders Season 6. Although not technically a Netflix original still it is something to which Netflix’s name has been attached permanently. Cillian Murphy is back to portray the torturous criminal Thomas Shelby in the final season of the hit series that has been going on for almost 9 years now.

With a grippy and dark tone, Peaky Blinders and its characters have already become iconic with many considering this series legendary which will be remembered for a long time as the “Godfather” of TV shows. 

Anyways Season 6 marks the return of Tommy who is even more delusional and distorted from reality and with this unstable mind has to watch out from foes and backstabbing friends while also tying up loose ends.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for Season 6 and it has been a long time coming after a break of more than two years with season 5 released back in 2019. Currently airing on BBC in the UK but American fans wouldn’t have to wait much longer as it is expected to hit Netflix somewhere in April 2022.


Netflix’s original content has always gained praise for its intricate storylines and high production budget. However, these two series mentioned above have become fan favorites and icons in their own genres. One is sci-fi and appeals to youngsters while the other is a classic gangster story for blokes looking for action.

All in all the latest seasons of both Stranger Things and Peaky Blinders were delayed for more than a couple of years which has further increased the curiosity of the audience regarding what the future holds in these two different stories making them top the list of most anticipated shows in 2022.

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