Deck of Ashes Coming to PS4 on April 21


PlayStation is getting a new game in the form of Deck of Ashes. This hardcore RPG features a procedurally generated game world and a card-based tactical combat system. You take control of one of four antiheroes and must use their unique abilities to defeat enemies in turn-based tactical battles. The game features a variety of enemies to defeat, so it will take some practice to master your character’s MO.

Notably, the Deck of Ashes has already been available for PC via Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and now its finally coming to the PS4 on April 21.

You’ll be playing as an outlaw who must hunt a band of wolves that hunt the human race. The game features a harrowing tale of revenge and survival. You’ll be forced to work together to survive in the game, so you must learn the skills of your opponents to take them down.

However, the game’s painterly anime aesthetic is a great fit for its current-gen consoles. The game promises a mature story and a focus on the fate of the divided worlds. It also boasts a real-time arena combat system and expressive characters.


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