Bloodhunt Blood Resonance Guide: Which Blood Resonance Should You Choose

Bloodhunt Blood

The Bloodhunt game features a complex system for determining your character’s strength using the different types of Blood Resonance. To get the most out of this system, you should learn more about how to utilize these effects and Which Blood Resonance should you choose when feeding on mortals. By following this Bloodhunt Blood Resonance Guide, you will be able to maximize your character’s potential and avoid getting stuck. Fortunately, there is an excellent Bloodhunt Blood Resonance guide available here.

Resonance is an important concept in Vampire the Masquerade games. Resonance refers to the phenomenon of vampires becoming stronger when they feed on civilian blood. Often, you will find yourself in desperate need of a feast on a human if you’re low on health. Fortunately, Resonance buffs can help you save your life at crucial moments in the game. By following this Bloodhunt Blood Resonance guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your character.

Blood Resonance
Bloodhunt Blood Resonance

Bloodhunt Blood Resonance Types

Here are the four different Blood Resonance types in Bloodhunt:

  • Phlegmatic: Teal: reduces the cooldown of your Archetype Skill (-10%, -25%, -50%).
  • Melancholic: Purple: reduces the cooldown of your Clan Skill (-10%, -25%, -50%).
  • Sanguine: Pink: increases your Health Regeneration per second (0.5, 1.5, 3.0).
  • Potent: Red: increases your Melee Damage (+10%, +25%, +50%).
  • Potent: Red: grants an extra life (only stacks up to 1).

How to Get More Resonance Slots

The first thing you should know about gaining Resonance slots is how to get more of them. Initially, you can only absorb three Resonance slots in a match. To get more slots, you should Diablerise enemies to obtain additional slots. To do this, simply press ‘F‘ and hold your position while your enemies struggle. This will unlock a new slot. In this way, you’ll have more Resonance slots than you ever thought possible.

When you first start out in the game, your resonance slots are limited. Those slots are used for storing blood, which boosts your stats. Fortunately, you can upgrade your Resonance slots, which means you can gain more capacity to store blood.

You’ll need to feast on a certain number of Entity soldiers to upgrade these slots. Each of these soldiers will give you an extra Resonance slot, and each one corresponds to a different stat.

Best Blood Resonance Type?

There isn’t any particular best blood resonance type in Bloodhunt. It totally depend on how you like to play in the game using different Bloodhunt character. In Bloodhunt, you can choose between two blood resonance types: Phlegmatic and Melancholic. Phlegmatic blood resonance will grant you a lower cooldown for a specific archetype ability.

Mortals with this trait glow turquoise or purple. These blood resonances are useful if you often use archetype abilities. Melancholic blood resonance will grant you a lower cooldown for a clan ability.

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