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You can now receive missed call notifications even if you’re traveling, in a no-network area, or on a mobile phone roaming. Yes, Airtel has launched its new Smart Missed Call Alert service in India. Airtel’s Smart Missed Call Alert works with SMS and is a great alternative to the app. If you’ve missed a call and want to know who it was from, the SMS alert is the best option.

The new service is available for all Airtel users. Jio has had this service for some time, and users have been asking for it. Airtel is finally making it happen, and users can finally benefit from it. Jio also offers a similar service, though its implementation is far better.

Jio’s new service even sends SMS alerts when you miss a call. Whether you’re a prepaid or postpaid user, Airtel’s Smart Missed Call Alert feature is great for you.

The new service comes as a huge relief for users of the second largest mobile operator in India. While Jio’s service has been available for a while, this new feature from Airtel gives users a chance to check their missed calls when they’re not in their network.

Airtel’s Smart Missed Call Alert feature will be available on the Airtel Thanks app in the Missed Call Alert section.

The Airtel Smart Missed Call Alert service works with the Airtel Black Postpaid Service and can be purchased online or in retail stores.

The system is a good option for people with limited funds or if someone in your family is prone to missing calls or is just generally on the go. The alerts will come via SMS, and the SIM card can be cloned through a wireless or hardware tool.

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