Best 8K TVs for Gaming in 2022

8K TVs
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In this fast-growing world of technology, we are expecting a new product every day. The 8K technology in the field of Smart TVs will change the overall gaming experience of the end-users.  The higher the resolution and the better quality of picture we can see on our TV. The 8K TV brings a realistic watching experience and if you watch a forest scene, you can feel the thrill of sitting next to a tree in the jungle.

Hence, 8K will be an upgrade to the previous technology like the 4K but how the customers buy will depend on the strength of their pockets. As of now, we will be discussing the five different 8K TVs based on their features, prices, and their glitch if any.


The 8K TVs cannot be considered a luxury as of now because it comes at a heavy price ranging between $3000 to $ 30,000. The features are discussed as under :

Best 8K TVs for Gaming in 2022

Here are the five best 8K TVs you can get in 2022 for an exceptional gaming experience.

  1. Samsung QN900A NEO QLED

Samsung QN900A NEO

Available in 65 inch, 75 inch, and 85-inch models, the QN900A from Samsung is the best 8K TV on market as of now. Even the matching content is not available currently.

The LED size is considerably reduced and is equal to 1/40th portion of the normal LED size. The best graphics effect can be experienced on PlayStation 5 and X box series X/S.

A drawback with QN900A is you can easily feel the light reflected in the room if it is kept facing the window. Hence, this is one thing worth noting here and processor wise it consists of a Neo Quantum processor.

This one is a high-end TV and 65-inch model that comes at the price of $ 5000. Samsung is a brand that can be trusted and we can expect high-quality performance.

  1. Sony Z8H, Sony Z9g

Sony Z8H

The Z9G and ZG9 were launched in the market for $ 13000. The Good thing about the Sony Z8H model is even though the audio and graphics performance has improved, the price has been slashed by more than 50%.

It will now be available at $5000 and available sizes are 75inch and 85-inch models. The Z8H and ZH8 models come with excellent audio and the display shines with 2500 nits brightness.

A small glitch is that you get only one HDMI 2.1 port for 4K and above the content which doesn’t look sufficient for an 8K TV. Overall, it seems to be getting more upgrades.

  1. TCL 75” Class 6 Series

The 75 inch TV from TCL Technologies comes at a relatively lower price as compared to Samsung and Sony. The Audio and Visual effects are good but the low price could hurt consumer’s minds that low price is due to low quality.

TCL 75” Class 6 Series

There are two HDMI 2.1 ports available which look to give it an edge over Sony Z8H  but it doesn’t upgrade from 1080 p or 4K. There are some sound balancing issues as well. The TCL 6 series TV is till now the most economical 8K smart TV available.

  1. LG Class 99 Series QNED Mini LED 8K UHD Smart Webos TV

LG Class 99 Series

This one is the best in terms of visual display features. The 30,000 tiny LEDs (Nano cell) is highest amongst most OLEDs in today’s markets and this feature gives brighter and detailed clarity in images. The brilliant 9 GEN 4 AI processor makes it better and the presence of 4 HDMI 2.1 ports makes it a complete 8K TV.

The inclusion of Filmmaker mode allows people to see the movies with visual effects and in the same way as the director wants the viewers to see it.

The LG class 99 also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Game lovers can enjoy the best graphic effect on PS5 and XBOX series.

  1. LG ZX 8K OLED


The ZX 8K from LG is one of the most expensive 8k TVs but it surely will give the worth of your money spent. Equally impressive for watching Visual effect movies and Games this one is available on 77 inches screen and will surely give you a thrilling experience. There are 4 HDMI 2.1 ports available to provide 8 K resolution at 60fps and 4 K at 120 fps and hence can upscale lower resolution images to 8K for all your devices.

There are 2 sizes of screens available. The 77 inches screen is available at $20,000 and 88 inches screen for $30,000 and these 8K OLED TVs are the most expensive till now. This LG ZX 8K will provide the best visual and gaming experience to date and once you get a taste from this device, you will never want to watch the previous versions.

From the above-mentioned post, we can analyze that the 8K TVs are expensive and bigger. It also depends upon your requirements such as the availability of HDMI 2.1 ports. Those viewers who have already experienced the 4K, can understand easily the difference. I would suggest people who have still not seen the 8K TV go to your nearby stores and at least get the feel of visuals on demonstration.

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