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Our reality has become much more intertwined with its digital version. We’ve made best friends with smart devices, customized our home offices for effective remote work, and witnessed corporations shift from paper to bytes of data.

When speaking about predictions, it is very hard to make an accurate one. So many things to consider, lots of moving parts to take into account, a vast range of variables, that you aren’t aware of, and in the end, you are probably wrong anyway.

Although making prognosis is a rather unrewarding task, it is still possible to get the general idea of what the future holds by looking on the trends created by present and future events. So let’s go through with it and take a look at what trends to expect in the near future.

Conversational design

Lockdown has revealed just how much time we spend speaking with machines. By popularizing the conversational approach in their products, the tech leaders have brought the human-to-machine communication to a new level with voice assistants such as Siri or Alexa, making the contact feel as human as possible.

The next stage for this product design trend is to go beyond personal gadgets and into other items like as household appliances, cars, and medical equipment. Such growth is made possible by stronger and better AI, which is an essential component of any conversational experience design.

Motion design

Motion design and animation can create a visual symphony that attracts and the viewer’s or user’s attention. Animation has a greater effect than a static image, thus it may play a positive role in creating a narrative and influencing brand identity and experience.

There is no better moment for designers to grasp motion design ideas and technologies in the digital sector. A sprinkling of animation in navigation, menus, or interactions in digital software design and development creates moments of joy that make the product stand out. Look through the services of Fireart – a digital product development agency to uncover projects that integrate current trends with a superior design process.


The goal of accessibility is to make a product or service useable by as many people as possible, regardless of their impairments or disabilities. But that isn’t the only thing that should go into effective product design.

Race, ethnic origin, age, gender, language, and sociocultural background are all examples of inclusive design. The list goes on and on. Inclusive product design minimizes stereotypical assumptions established by privileged social groups and broadens the narrative to include previously overlooked persons, notably minorities.

How can we design virtual worlds that are both accessible and inclusive? Because there is no one guidebook of ready-to-use principles, inclusive design becomes a much more challenging issue. However, with fresh examples and best practices developing, design inclusiveness should earn its position as an industry standard.


The demand of consumers for something familiar and concrete is higher than ever. In order to better connect with customers, several firms adapt the eccentric aesthetics of previous decades into their present designs. Bright color blocks, neon palettes coupled with gothic serifs, and lo-fi glitch effects from the 1990s have flooded modern digital products. Vintage is the new black, in a nutshell.


The design trends are going to change this year, and they are going to change fast. Incorporating these trends into your services should be done fast and with consideration of your customers. How the new trends will affect their experience and so on.

One thing any product designer should remember is that the secret to successful design is not mindlessly following trends, but capturing your consumers’ wants and aspirations in a current form. To implement the best design trends, visit Fireart via the link (

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