How to Unlock Wingsuit & Air Drop Fast Travel in Far Cry 6


We all are pretty much familiar with the role of Wingsuit and its importance in the Far Cry series. Wingsuit has been a part of the Far Cry games for a long time and Far Cry 6 is no different. In our recent posts, we talked about how to enable Aim Assist and how to enable Left-Handed mode in the Far Cry 6 game.

We also talked about how to build and upgrade camp facilities in Far Cry 6. Now, here I am going to talk about how to unlock Wingsuit & Air Drop Fast Travel option in Far Cry 6. Now, let’s talk about Wingsuit first.


How to Unlock Wingsuit in Far Cry 6

A Wingsuit in Far Cry 6 can be unlocked by building a Hideout Network at any Guerrilla Camp and fully upgrading it.

Hideout Network is a secret Network of Guerrilla Hideouts that spread throughout Yara. Now to build a Hideout Network at a Guerrilla Camp you can follow the simple steps below.

Materials Needed to Build a Hideout Network

  • Metal – 30
  • Gasolina – 30

If you have a sufficient amount of Metal and Gasolina simply follow the steps below to build a Hideout Network.

  • Reach to any Guerrilla Camps
  • Approach the Foreman in your camp.
  • Hold down the Talk to the Foreman button.
  • Select an empty facility tile.
  • Pick a Hideout Network Facility to build.
  • Hold down the Build button.

Hideout Network

How to Unlock Air Drop Fast Travel Option in Far Cry 6?

Building a Hideout Network in camp facilities also unlocks the Air Drop Fast travel option in Far Cry 6.

So, to unlock Air Drop Fast Travel in Far Cry 6 you just need to Building a Hideout Network in camp facilities, and doing this will automatically unlock Air Drop Fast Travel option in the game. You can also use a Hideout Network to purchase fast travel point maps that will help you find new Guerrilla hideouts locations across the open world of Yara.

Air drop

Unlocking the Wingsuit and the Air Drop Fast Travel option in Far Cry 6 will help you travel throughout the different locations really fast. If you have purchased the Hideout Location maps then you can Air Drop to any location or the main mission marker really fast.

If you don’t want to Air drop to any location then you can simply go with the Fast Travel option that will also quickly drop you at your location where fast travel is available.

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