Stray: How to Unlock B-12 (Stray Computer Puzzle Solved)

In this Stray game guide, we will look in detail at how to unlock B-12, the robot companion in the game.


If you’ve gotten past the first mission and want to unlock the next, you need to find the mysterious robot companion B-12. B-12 can be found on top of power packs and computer monitors. Simply drop it into the contraption in the center of the desk and watch it come to life! It’ll help you on your travels. But how do you get or unlock B-12? Listed below are some tips to unlock B-12 in Stray.

Who is B-12 in Stray?

A cat named Stray, who speaks only meow, must hide from the evil robots. It is accompanied by a robot called B-12. Since the kitten is not well-versed with the various gadgets, he will have to communicate with the robot in order to survive. The goal of the game is to rescue the kitten by hopping onto the enemy robot, which resembles a computer cabinet. Once inside, Stray must use B-12 to communicate with its enemy.


How to Unlock B-12 in Stray

To unlock B-12 in Stray, first, you’ll need to solve a computer puzzle. This puzzle is located on the upper part of a cabinet. Once you find the solution to the puzzle, you’ll have a secret doorway that leads to another part of the game. You can then use this secret doorway to get out of the room. The final puzzle involves unlocking a memory. This memory is tied to the story, so you’ll need to be very careful.


The next step is to hack the second control panel of the Control Room. You’ll need to interact with the right panel before interacting with the left panel. This way, the Control Room will be unlocked, and the second panel will be available.

Once you unlock both panels, you’ll be able to access the third and final control panel, which is the key to unlocking B-12. This will open the door to the Control Room. You’ll also be able to interact with the computer’s Drone Companion, who will now ask you to turn the computers on and off.

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Once you have unlocked all three of the first four machines, the next step is to hack the second machine. The second machine is located on the right side of the main computer, and it’s up to you to get there.

Once you’ve done that, you can go to the third one. This one is also quite tricky, so you’ll want to be careful and make sure you don’t accidentally break any cables. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to get your B-12 and continue on your journey.

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Stray is now available for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 consoles.

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