How To Start Music Career In College?


The final outcome will always depend on whether you are majoring in a discipline that is either directly related to music or has a strong bond to entertainment. Of course, it does not mean that starting a music career in college is impossible if you are majoring in Law, yet when you are already in a musical environment, it does help! Since you won’t be able to find a universal formula to start a music career, think about all the college rock bands of the past and present that could make it big.

The reason for that is the word of mouth and keeping their social presence high with a strong message even if it stood for having fun and partying like true rock stars. These days, however, things are a bit different and college life is filled with all types of music and artists, so starting a music career, you must be literally everywhere to get heard and noticed! 

It will help shape your audience and make you recognizable. Make sure to watch live concert whenever you can.

How to Start a Music Career in College? 

  • Pursue Basic Sound Recording Education. 

No, you do not have to get enrolled in a complex musicology course and start with the solfeggio studies alone. If you want to start a music career in college, you may consider free music courses online that will help you to learn more about the home recording and sound engineering processes to make your demo recordings sound good and inspiring for the music producers. 

Presentation is everything these days! You should also think about good descriptions and the quality of correspondence. If it sounds too challenging, consider the best essay writing service and explain your challenges. When people see good grammar, structure, and accuracy, they are more eager to listen and write back. 

  • Create an Artist Portfolio. 

If there is one thing that you should never ignore as an emerging artist, it is your portfolio. It should not be dry like your resume and you can get creative to show your skills. Depending on whether you are a lyricist, a skilled musician, or a rap singer, you must reflect your abilities by providing links to recordings and mentioning your experience of cooperation or participating in various projects. 

  • Make Your Music Meaningful. 

Add a message to your music even if you keep things instrumental or ambient with a wall of synthesizers. The trick is to let people see the message and relate. When starting music career in college while bein a student,  focus on the things that are important to you and your fellow learners. It will help shape your audience and make you recognizable. 

Music Distribution Aspect

One of the important tasks is finding the most efficient ways to distribute your music. It can be an independent record label (it still works!) with a mixture of digital platforms like Apple Music or Spotify to let people access it on different mediums.

The presence of vinyl can be helpful as well for special editions that can be aimed at the most dedicated fans as your career catches up. It’s all about the attitude and perception of people.

If they encounter good artwork and merchandise, your musical career is seen through a different lens! Don’t forget about social media profiles and keeping things active as it will help you to feel connected to your target audience, thus enhancing your career boost! 


Carl Hill believes that music is the driving force behind happiness and research. As an explorer and educator, he loves to write about technology, academic challenges, and entertainment. Follow Carl to add an interesting insight to your studies and get inspired.


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