Intel Launches Arc Pro A-Series GPUs


Intel today launched new Arc Pro A-Series GPUs for professional users. The new Arc Pro A-Series GPUs from Intel is aimed at professional users who are not just gamers. They are designed with machine learning capabilities, ray tracing, and AV1 hardware encoding acceleration. The new Arc Pro A-Series of GPUs includes the new Intel Arc Pro A30M GPU, Intel Arc Pro A40 (single slot), and A50 (dual slot) GPUs.

The Arc Pro A30M GPU is designed for mobile devices, while the Arc Pro A40 and A50 are workstation models of the popular Arc A380 gaming GPU. The Arc Pro A30M GPU is optimized for media and entertainment applications and will be available from Intel’s mobile and desktop partners.

In addition to these features, the cards are compatible with Blender and various open-source libraries. During SIGGRAPH, Intel will be demonstrating the capabilities of the new graphics cards in various applications. One such application is Topaz Video Enhance AI.

While the Arc GPUs will be available for consumer use later this year, the company has not yet released pricing or availability details.

The company is awaiting the global launch of its Arc lineup and expects to launch several new GPUs in the coming months. Until then, pricing details are unknown, so check back regularly to stay up-to-date. But don’t wait until the last minute.

The Arc Pro A-series GPUs come in a variety of flavors, including single and dual-slot versions. The Arc Pro A40 is a single-slot card with a TDP of 75W. It features built-in ray tracing hardware, as well as machine learning capabilities and AV1 hardware encoding acceleration. It is expected to be sold at a price higher than the previous generation, though it may be more cost-effective in the long run.


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