The Path of Exile 3.19.0f patch is expected to include a number of changes and additions. It will include new features and improvements to the endgame as well as new gems and other items. In addition, it will introduce a new challenge league known as Kalandra. The game has also undergone several changes to balance the difficulty of certain monsters, such as rares and magic monsters.

The Scourge demons have replaced the Beyond demons. The new demons are now able to drop Tainted currency items. These items allow players to modify corrupted items. In addition, Beyond portals now spawn Scourge demons rather than bandits.

The Wind Dancer Keystone Passive Skill is no longer as risky for players with high evasion. This change allows players to mitigate the negative effects of this talent. While the Skill no longer provides 40% more Evasion Rating when recently hit, it still provides 10% more chance to avoid attacks.

The new 3.19.0f patch also changes the way ward restoration works. Now, it has a base duration of 4 seconds, and is affected by the new Suffix modifier. This new buff has five tiers, and can give you up to 58% faster Ward Restoration.

The Formless Sea can be found in the Strand Map and Whakawhairua Tuahu Unique Map. The Innocent can be found in the Defiled Cathedral and Jeweller’s Boon can now be obtained.

Additionally, the Sextant modifier no longer grants additional Sergeants during Legion Encounters. Finally, the new Map Device will automatically select the appropriate currency when using the Map Crafting option.

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