Thymesia: How to Beat Varg Boss?

Varg Boss

The first boss in the Thymesia storyline is Varg. He is basically a heavier version of Odur, but you can counter his attacks and predict his movement. You’ll need to be aware of his special abilities, and how to use them to your advantage. Varg’s ultimate attack will damage you if you’re not careful. Luckily, there’s a way to dodge it – Long Dodge. In this guide, you will learn how to deal with Varg boss in Thymesia using the most effective way. Without any further ado let’s head to the post.

Varg is the first boss in Thymesia’s storyline

Varg is a very challenging boss that can pose a problem to players. His high HP and tanky nature makes him a difficult opponent to beat. His special attacks can also catch players by surprise.


Varg is an armored knight with a long sword that will damage you if you don’t dodge his attacks in time. While he’s not the fastest enemy, if you master your dodge techniques and parrying abilities, you’ll be able to avoid most of his attacks.

He’s a heavier version of Odur

Varg is a heavy version of Odur and is the second boss in the game. His attacks are very fast, with a delayed and an immediate phase. He has good mix-up potential, and is particularly difficult to parry. He has two phases, and his first phase builds the foundation for both phases.


Varg has the same basic attack pattern as Odur, but lacks Odur’s ranged attacks. Although this makes him slow during the first health stack, his combos will kill players with at least 300 health. Varg also has great reach, and his attacks are two-hit sequences.

He’s easy to predict

Varg is a simple yet challenging boss in Thymesia. A large knight with a long sword, Varg will damage you if his attack isn’t deflected in time. Thankfully, Varg is not the fastest enemy in the game, so you can counterattack with parrying and dodge techniques.

Varg’s attack is relatively slow, but his jump attack can be very dangerous, and it’s best to keep distance to heal. It deals AoE damage in an area, so dodging and using potions can help prevent being hit. Another strategy is to use an archery range to counter his jump attack. This will protect you from the damage that Varg does, and also allow you to use your best weapons in combat.

He’s easy to counter

Varg is a great hero to play against if you want to practice your strategy in Thymesia. Although he may be a tough challenge for you, Varg is very easy to counter if you know how to use him effectively. The basic strategy for a Varg victory is to simply dodge his attacks and punish his ultimate attack. In most cases, this is a very straightforward strategy.

First, you need to know what to watch for. Varg is a very slow enemy that will damage you if you do not dodge his attack in time. He is not the fastest enemy in the game, but if you learn how to parry his attacks and use your bow properly, you can easily defeat him.

Thymesia is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows.

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