Top 5 PUBG Mobile Teams Who Could Win in PMWI 2022

Top 5 PUBG Mobile Teams

If you are looking for top teams who could possibly win the PMWI 2022 event then we have got you covered. The top PUBG Mobile teams in PMWI 2022 are DAMWON Gaming, Nigma Galaxy, Team Soul, Stalwart Esports, and Regans Gaming. These are just some of the top 5 teams that will be competing in this prestigious tournament and could win the PMWI 2022 tournament. If you are a fan of competitive gaming, you can read more about these teams in the rest of this article. If you are just starting to get into esports, then it may be helpful to read more about them.


DAMWON Gaming, also known as DWG KIA, is an impressive Korean team that has made significant progress in the gaming industry in recent years. The team won the PUBG Mobile Global Championship East league in 2021 and placed twelfth in the Grand Finals. With a great roster of players and excellent coordination, DAMWON Gaming could prove to be a formidable opponent at PMWI 2022.


Nigma Galaxy

After finishing third in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship in 2021, Nigma Galaxy has been in good form since. They won the PMSC Arabia 2022 and the PMPL MENA 2022 and are now looking forward to the PMWI World Invitational tournament. The team is the first Middle Eastern team to qualify for the tournament, and many are hopeful that the result will prove to be even better.

Stalwart Esports

If you’re looking for a good PUBG mobile team to root for in PMWI 2022, you need to look no further than Stalwart Esports. With their winning streak at PMCO 2020 Spring and the South Asia Championship 2022, they’ve impressed everyone. And with a great set of players on their roster, every player has the chance to be a MVP in the tournament. As one of the best teams in the South Asian region, Stalwart Esports is eager to put on a great show in the main event.

Regans Gaming

The Chinese region has dominated PUBG Mobile esports in recent years, and now a team from this region will compete in the upcoming PUBG World Invitational tournament. Regans Gaming is a team comprised of top Chinese players that recently defeated top-ranked teams from the Peacekeeper Elite League Spring 2022. This team is looking to carry on the legacy set by Chinese teams like 4AM and Nova Esports.

Team Soul

After winning the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 1 (BMPS S1) and PMWI 2022, Team Soul will be making their return to the world stage. The team was already crowned BMPS S1 grand champions, and won 335 points, including the player of the day title three times.

Team Soul’s manager Sid recently congratulated the team on its inclusion in PMWI 2022 and endorsed the team on social media. As a result, Team Soul fans can now enjoy international action live on LAN.

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