Varun Batra

In a recent email, Valorant players learned that Varun Batra is an Indian agent working for the REALM. He is also the custodian of a new power source, and he also has an in-game codename. The mystery surrounding the agent’s identity only deepens further thanks to Riot Games’ long history of teasing agents. If you are curious about who Varun is, read on for more information!

Who is Varun Batra?

The Varun Batra is an Indian agent who may have a dual identity, combining a traditional Indian agent with a modern gangster. Riot Games could add Varun Batra as Valorant’s potential Indian Agent with the upcoming update 5.03.

As the game is popular in India, it is possible that Valorants will have an Indian agent. The agent could be Varun Batra, a black market raider who recovers historical artifacts for REALM, an in-game corporation that hires agents for various reasons. While Valorant has yet to confirm the identity of Varun Batra, we can speculate about the possibility of his appearance in the next episode.

Fans of the Valorant have been asking Riot to make the Indian Agent a playable character. The character’s Indian background and a recent appearance in the game’s trailer have led to speculation that Varun Batra could be the new agent.

If so, he could represent the new power source of Legion. He has also been referenced in several Valorant communications and is suspected to be the new agent of the group.

While the game’s plot seems to revolve around historical artifacts, Varun is also a black market raider and a collector of historical artifacts.

The game’s plot revolves around his past, and Varun tries to keep the game’s story alive while navigating his way through the dark world of Valorants.

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