Tower of Fantasy: How To Get Heart of Winter?


To get Heart of Winter in Tower of Fantasy (TOF), you need to fuse four Icecores. These are elemental ores that are scattered across the map. Heart of Winter is a rare ore that can be used to enhance ice elemental weapons. This rare item can be purchased for two Black Gold. However, you should have the Wanderer rank of 35 to purchase it.

The best place to buy the item is the Weapon Store. The store offers great deals on a range of items. The prices of the items change with time, but you can always expect a good deal when you purchase a weapon from there. Weapon upgrades are available in the Weapon Store as well.

The game’s open world allows you to explore new areas and earn resources. You can also earn XP by solving puzzles and finding collectibles. There are also certain exploration milestones that will reward you with certain rewards. The game has over 100 quests in total, and each one requires different items to complete.

The game’s Cocoritter has special attacks and skills. It is a great choice for ice teams. It increases your team’s attack and heals allies. However, if you don’t want to spend money on this weapon, you can use SR Pepper’s matrices instead. You can also purchase a Functional Dash set that provides a slight boost to frost damage.


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