Resident Evil Village Winters Expansion DLC Announced

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Resident Evil Village Winters Expansion is a new DLC that will include new characters and additional gameplay. It will feature a new character named Lady Dimitrescu, a nine-foot tall vampire woman. It will be available on October 28. The first part of the expansion, Shadows of Rose, takes place 16 years after the events of Resident Evil: Village. The story revolves around Ethan Winters’ daughter Rose, who has been abducted and raised by Megamycetes. Rose’s adventures lead her into a distorted nightmare world, and she must find a way to break free from the horror that is consuming her.

As promised, Resident Evil Village Winters Expansion will include the Shadows of Rose story DLC, new Mercenaries, and a third-person perspective. Capcom announced the expansion last year, and developers have begun developing the content. The expansion is a major step in the series’ development and promises to add even more content to the original game.


Despite the recent announcement, Resident Evil got its fair share of spotlight time during the Capcom Showcase. During the show, the new expansion was shown off, and it’s expected to be released on October 28. The game’s price has not yet been confirmed, but we’ll know more when the game actually launches.

For the first time since Resident Evil Village, players will have the option of playing in third-person mode. While the game’s original third-person mode was popular, the new expansion allows players to experience the story from a different perspective. This means that players will be able to see Ethan from his enemies’ point of view, which will give them a new perspective on the story.

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