The easiest way to download photos, videos, and story highlights from Instagram is to download them using an online web downloader like Imginn. Imginn has a number of advantages. This website is free to use and similar to Storiesdown, and it can be used anonymously. It’s also fast, and you won’t be interrupted by advertisements.

Another great feature of Imginn is its ability to download Instagram photos and videos. This free web portal allows you to view posts and videos without revealing your identity. The websie’s user interface is easy to use, and it has a clean and streamlined design. It’s also safe to use. It has other useful features, including the ability to view Instagram stories.

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Imginn is a great option if you want to download photos and videos from Instagram anonymously. It’s perfect for secretive users who don’t want others to see what they’re doing, and the only way to know if someone else has accessed your account is to use the Imginn app.

How to Use Imginn to View and Download Instagram Photos, Videos, and Story Highlights

  • To use it, simply go to The site will prompt you to enter the Username of the person you want to view.
  • If the user has a profile page with pictures, just click on the one you’re interested in, and you’ll be given the user’s profile page links to download the photo or video album.
  • Now, simply click on the Blue Download Text to download that particular photo or video.

This is a very convenient way to download Instagram photos and videos to your computer without Dropbox or other third-party services.


This process is easy and free, and it requires only the user’s username to get access to their profile and photos and videos. The website is also designed to be used anonymously, so you won’t be sharing any sensitive information.

You can also download videos and stories from Instagram by using Imginn site. This service lets you view stories without logging in to Instagram, and it is very easy to use. Moreover, the program is completely anonymous and will allow you to see what your friends are up to.

Once you have downloaded the images, you can return to your Instagram feed and enjoy the pictures or videos. You can also view or delete downloaded images using the context menu. There are some limitations, though. If you want to share someone’s photos, you’ll need to have their permission.

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